Oddenino Family History
Henshaw & Walker

Louise Cash Oddenino's 2X great-grandmother was Ann Henshaw where we find more family ties deep in Virginia. Here is a pedigree chart starting with Joseph B. Cash, Louise Cash Oddenino's great-grandfather


Once again, thanks to the American History Company and genealogist extraordinaire, Therese Fisher, we learned a little about the Henshaw family:


It's not clear how, or if, our Henshaws connect with other Henshaws coming from England to Virginia, but since the 18th Century was a time of relatively sparse population in the colonies, it seems likely that there may be some connection. Here are some excerpts from A History of Henshaw-Hinshaw Origins published by Gil Hinshaw:


From Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants by Thomas Kemp Cartmell, Clerk of the Old County Court, we find this on the Henshaws:


From Marriages of Orange County, Virginia by Catherine L. Knorr:


Orange County, Virginia is a Central Virginia County with a great history. James Madison called Orange County home and his residence, Montpelier , is a highly recommended historical site to visit:


Here is a view of James Madison's Montpelier. This is a cover for an ice-well built by the same builders who worked at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello:


Here is a Family Group Sheet for John Henshaw and his wife Elizabeth Walker:


From the book Marriages of Orange County, Virginia 1757-1880 by Therese A. Fisher, we find the record of Edmund Henshaw's 1785 marriage to Mary Newman, daughter of James Newman:


Here is a Family Group Sheet for Edmund Henshaw and his wife Mary Newman:


The WALKER family was closely connected with the Henshaws in Virginia and the WALKERS also came from England, emigrating to Virginia in the early days of this country.


Here is a Family Group Sheet for Edward Walker and his wife Mary Daniel:


Court record from 1808, the will of William Walker of Madison County, Virginia, the brother of John Walker:


Here are some Walker family notes written by Lavinia Walker:


In doing family history research one often runs across interesting names. Some of my favorite are found in this line where the wife of John Henshaw was Elizabeth Walker whose mother was Molly Merry. Now if Molly Merry isn't a great name, how about her father, Prettyman Merry! It doesn't get much better. Here is a Family Group Sheet for Prettyman Merry:


Here is an old record indicating that there was a Thomas Merry in Virginia in 1681 and while we don't have conclusive proof that this is the same Merry family more research might establish a connection.