Oddenino Family History

Mary Elizabeth Delph Oddenino's mother was Adeline Kennon who was the daughter of Tandy Kennon and Mary M. Chiles.

Here is a pedigree chart starting with Adeline Kennon:

With the assistance of the genealogist extraordinaire, Therese Fisher, we learned a little about the Kennon family:

The below map shows Louisa County firmly situated in Central Virginia. When Patrick Henry first entered the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1765, he did so as a representative of Louisa County, Virginia:

Here is a map from the official Louisa County website:
Here is a Family Group Sheet for John Kennon's family:
Here is a Family Group Sheet for Joseph Kennon's family:

Here is an old family home of Joseph Kennon from the book Old Home Places of Louisa County by Claudia Anderson Chisholm and Ellen Gray Lillie

Louisa County, Virginia, Register of Marriage of Tandy Kennon and Mary Chiles, October 11, 1824:

Here is an Indenture from May 1826 entered into by Tandy Kennon and his wife Mary Chiles:

Here is a court record from Louisa County, Virginia regarding the will of Ann Kennon, sister of Tandy Kennon:

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 227, Ann Kennon, Type: Will, Date: 14-Feb-1831
Will Ann Kennon of Louisa, for kindness of my friend Robert Dalton and money advanced for me by him I give all my interest in the undivided part of my father's estate both real and personal now held by my mother for life. Also Negor girl, Mahala and her increase and after his death to my two nieces Jane M. R. Kennon and Mary F. Kennon. To my mother, Frances Kennon, my sisters Mary Yeager, Mary Kennon and my brother Tandy Kennon's wife and brother Ire Kennon's wife, cousin Martha Kennon daughter of George Kennon, dec'd. Appoint Robert Dalton executor 9 Aug 1830. Sig. Ann C. Kennon (x) wit. Nathl. Mills, James M Saunders, John Downing. Rec. 14 Feb 1831.

Here are court documents from February 1825 regarding the Estate of Joseph Kennon, Tandy's father (note that Joseph predeceased his father John):

Here are the court records from March 1827 of the Estate of John Kennon, which details the division of the slaves of John Kennon: