Oddenino Family History
Here is a pedigree chart showing how the Newman line fits in the Oddenino Family History:


James Newman was one of the early residents of Madison, Virginia. Here is a scheme of the town of Madison in 1798 from the book, Madison County, Virginia A Revised History by Margaret G. Davis:


And from the book Madison County Homes, A Collection of Pre-Civil War Homes and Family Heritage by Vee Dove we find this bit of history on James Newman:


On November 20th, 1805 James Newman signed his will. The language of the will is almost quaint:

In the name of God amen, I James Newman junior of the County of Madison and State of Virginia being in sound sense and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in order to bestow the worldly goods it hath pleased God to help me with, in manner of form following.



Here is an 1807 indenture between James Newman and John Henshaw whose children Edmund Henshaw and Mary Newman were married to each other, from the court records in Orange County, Virginia: