Oddenino Family History

Louise Cash Oddenino's paternal grandmother was Susan Ann Richards whose mother was Jane Robinson. Here are some family group sheets for Jane Robinson's maternal grandfather, John Saunders, and her great-grandfather, Nathaniel Saunders:

From the Orange County Court we find this 1808 estate record of Nathaniel Saunders, Jane Robinson's maternal great-grandfather:

From the Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 32, p. 9, we find the following indenture from 1827 of Nathaniel Saunders:

From the Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 32, pg. 548 we find an indenture between John Saunders and Robert Saunders, both sons of Nathaniel Saunders:

Tracing the Saunders line is rendered complex by the records of Nathaniel Saunders in multiple generations making precise identification more difficult. Here are some clues from the Spotsylvania County, Virginia (the county named after Royal Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood) Records which only suggest that we need to do more research: